Coming Soon: Taproot Holiday Pop Up Shop

The Taproot Holiday Pop Up Shop will be opening December 3rd! We’re proud of the selection of hand-picked, handmade and artisanal goods that we have brought together and hope that, regardless of whether you choose to buy, you’ll take a look at each maker’s story highlighted on their product’s page. They are all interesting and talented people creating things of beauty and quality. Remember, supplies are limited and we won’t be restocking, so shop early for best selection.



Taproot at the Fair

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Spreading the Taproot  love at the Common Ground Fair! A wonderful time was had by all and we’re pleased to have many new subscribers on board.

It was a weekend filled with wonderful food, friends and a generous helping of autumn cheer.

amanda, stacy, sarah, meredith, and rhiannon ~

from the pages :: FOLK

Sunlight Meditations


“As my relationship with these amazing plants deepens, I realize that they are imbued with the energies of the places where they grow. When we use them as medicine we are connecting to these environmental forces in order to bring our bodies back into balance. The sun—fire, light, yang—is one of the most important energies in herbal medicine, and along with the more cooling Yin herbs, I am thankful that the plants offer these to us in so many healing forms: to uplift and bring joy, to energize, to warm, to cleanse and to renew.” – Ryan Blosser, Trevor Piersol & Dr. Ted Butchart

Sweet as Honey


“Our first hive had a place at our wedding reception. It was marked off by caution tape so that errant children wouldn’t get too close, but the bees buzzed freely through the flower beds in my parents’ garden as our guests mingled and sprawled in the grass with their potluck fare. Back then, we had no idea that bees would end up playing a central role in our lives and in our relationship.” – Camille Storch


Four & Twenty Blackbirds: a pie-making community

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“I stopped by Four & Twenty Blackbirds. I tried the pies I’d seen first-hand, amazed at the Black Bottom Oat—a sweet brown sugar custard topped with chewy oats and a melt-y chocolate bottom—then the light caramel sweetness of the Salted Caramel Apple with the spiced apples and the flaky, flaky, butter-y, pie crust with lattice top. Fast-forward two years, a bread-baking apprenticeship in British Columbia behind me and suddenly I’m living in Brooklyn. My hobby of photographing my baked things has become my daily work and I’m working in Manhattan.” – Demetria Provatas

Hosting a Red Tent Retreat

IMG_1557“Girls should feel positively, blatantly cared for. They should be supported openly by every member of the family, especially when they are moving through this rite-of-passage and becoming young women. Nothing about a young woman’s experience should be considered shameful, and offering her a safe and nurturing environment to learn about menstruation and talk about the changes in her body, mind and emotions is the best way to help our daughters enter into womanhood.” – Holly Bellebuono

Blue Man


“Tucked in between a bakery-cafe and a shop selling tour packages on the main street of Ubud, Bali is a small and worn shop set back from the road, with plant dyed fabrics and handmade batiks flapping in the breeze on makeshift drying racks out the front. We kick off our shoes outside the door and step up into the shop, and call out hello. From behind an indigo batik curtain pops the very smiley and excited face of our friend Nofel. His wife Erna is laying on a mat on the tiled floor beside her baby son Kabir who is napping by the fan. It is very hot and humid. We all grin and greet each other.” – Em Falconbridge & Nicole Lawrence

My Life at Fosen Folk School


“There is a place, a place where we dig in the soil, sail in handmade wooden boats, dance in a ring, weave, and carve, and hike, and sing.” – Lily Bell



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“I’ll watch him and think how careful people are these days. We’re wary of too much sun and of ticks, chemicals on our skin and in our food that go running off into the streams, and all of the other all-too-real stressors of the times. I watch a man who has had his hands submerged in gasoline and oil for most of his eighty years. A guy who, along with a wide variety of wild caught fish, deer, turkey and the like, eats largely from cans and boxes and whatever is convenient and easy for him. He‘s heard of all the dangers from watching his share of the nightly news, but he mostly shrugs it off and chalks it up to the ridiculousness of government and the futility of trying to fight the man.” – Steve Soule (with photos by Meredith Winn)

FOLK :: Now Shipping!


If you haven’t heard, our latest issue, FOLK is now shipping! If you’re a subscriber, look for your copy in your mailbox soon, along with a special subscriber bonus. (If you’re subscription has lapsed, don’t worry! We’ll ship the bonus to you too if you subscribe while supplies last.)

Check out FOLK for more details on what you’ll find inside the pages.

(Photographed above is the original cover artwork, by Phoebe Wahl, before final design.)

Taproot Magazine & Phoebe Wahl at Longfellow Books, Portland ME


We’re happy to be hosting Phoebe Wahl as she joins us on the East Coast in celebration of the release of her first children’s book, Sonya’s Chickens. Come on by to Longfellow Books, in Portland, Maine to say hello to Phoebe and the Taproot crew! (Bring the whole family – it’ll be a casual affair, including a reading of the book at 6:30pm!)

Thursday, September 17th at 6pm
Longfellow Books
1 Monument Square, Portland Maine

We hope to see you there!


We are sorry for an inconvenience, but this event has been cancelled!

Taproot at the Newport Folk Festival


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We had the great pleasure of attending the Newport Folk Festival this past weekend as an exhibitor in their new Maker’s Market. The three-day festival held true to all the stories I’ve heard of it, and then some. An absolutely amazing lineup of music, a beautiful setting, and one of the most friendly and lovely crowds possible. Most interesting to me was the organic way in which the organization honors its past, preserves its history, all while not being afraid to move forward and greet change. It was a treat for us to be in a new spot, meet so many new people and introduce folks to Taproot Magazine. Thank you, Newport! We are already looking forward to 2016!

~amanda (and Steve)